Perhaps you are a wholesaler, a payment processing professional or you lease equipment to businesses. Your customers are merchants and small-business owners. You depend on your customers having the adequate working capital to pay you. Fortunately, your customers can be our customers too. By referring your customers to Quick Fix Capital you not only ensure they have the capital to do business with you, you can also create a new income source for your company. With Quick Fix Capital's revenue sharing program, you'll generate supplemental cash flow from us as we collect revenues from our mutual client. Moreover, the customer will be using our money to grow his business which generates greater opportunities for you in the future.


Even if your business is already securing advances as a broker or financial institution, Quick Fix Capital is the right fit for you. Many of your small-business clients may not satisfy the guidelines of your existing funders and business cash advance partners. Quick Fix Capital specializes in “higher risk” merchants.  We routinely offer Business Cash Advance Programs to small businesses that traditional funding companies reject. 


By offering a Business Cash Advance through Quick Fix Capital, you can increase your customer base and receive commissions at the same time. Yet you assume none of the risks, as Quick Fix Capital provides the funding. Partner with Quick Fix Capital and let us be the solution.



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